Survey shows: Young talent is pro corporate affirmative action


Fairplace on instagram (fairplacesweden) series of short surveys show that workforce is all for increased inclusion and diversity and think that setting KPI:s and incentives to support it is great. 

Total group of respondents is also positive to companies applying affirmative action, 60 % vote yes. 

However when results are cleared to only include respondents active in workforce,  the jury is out - 50 % vote yes and 50% no. 

The majority of Baby boomers ( some no longer active in workforce)  and Generation X, vote no to affirmative action. The majority of Millennials and Next Gen (some not yet active part of workforce), vote yes. 

What do you think? Is affirmative action unjust in itself and cross-purpose works to cement bias? Or is it the way forward when very few willingly share corporate influence, power and privilegie? 



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