Helene Björk

Helene Björk

Business developer I Ethical Sales I Fairplace Advisory

I am an experienced business developer specialized in HR & recruitment, advising on ethical sales. I also have a background in conflict resolution. Selling a company’s services should never be something you do to people, its something you do for and with them, leading to a mutual exchange of value. In the era of hyper transparency, true ethics & value based sales strategies will always contribute more to success than old-school sales techniques. I joined Fairplace to advise organizations on ethic sales strategies & to spread the word about Fairplace & our mission to connect top talent with ethical organizations, thereby enabling them to come together & change the world. For full CV please visit my Linkedin profile. If you want to know more about us & what we can offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



+46 70 442 60 65


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