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Are you a fair place?

Our purpose is to help the great value creating organizations of the world play a more successful role in society. By research, setting progressive standards and benchmarks and ceritification. 

Research shows that corporations who actively work for equality and diversity, governance and environment are more profitable over time. 

Research by FAIRPLACE* rank the companies who are most impactful in accelerating the shift to a sustainable economy. The ranking is data driven and your company gets a benchmark against industry standard. 

When a corporation is certified by FAIRPLACE*  it means that they have undertaken to continously do the work of improvement, to become impact leaders for moving towards a sustainable economy and to meet the highest standards of fairness, inclusion and diversity.

The certified by FAIRPLACE*  screening-process evaluates how your, HR strategy impacts your employees, community, environment and customers. 

 Get in touch to become certified  by FAIRPLACE* and begin the road towards impact leadership and becoming a force for good.



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